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Chocolate Melangeur Store

          We are leaders in home and professional industrial melangers, for all your need in bean to bar and nut butter grinding process, we provide wide range of Chocolate Melangeur from home making to professional machine.

           One stop solution for all your needs in chocolate making process, we have appliances that helps you through the whole process of chocolate and nut butter making. Ranging from cocoa nib grinder to high end commercial melangeurs, all under one dedicated store for choco maker, nut butter makers and raw foodies.

             With the firm commitment to quality, we are able to come forth with the quality-approved gamut of Chocolate Melangeur. We never compromise with the quality but provide our clients with high quality-approved products.  Furthermore we Supply worldwide at free of shipping cost.

             We delivery our range of products with high quality and international standards. All products are good grade material certified and SS 304 stainless body and meet international standards in food processing.

            We help with home delivery via partner DHL on most of our products range and possible sea port delivery on big size commercial machines. You can choose during checkout the mode of delivery required.

            Shop with confidence as our site is 100 % secure and protected with Paypal Payment Gateway. We are accredited company and operate from multiple locations including USA, Europe, Australia and India to provide best in class support.

            Our  Melangeur can assist families, business people, tourists, gift seekers and entertainers alike by supplying them with better quality chocolate Melangeur and services.

We are operating from three Zone 

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About Chocolate Melangeur


Подтвержденное качество

Certified quality!

Our machines are made of the best details and components provided by the leading European suppliers. Our quality is confirmed by European certificates that are also valid in the US.

Гарантия 5 лет

One-year guarantee! No risks, no problems!

We provide a One-year guarantee for our equipment. We also provide a special discount program for details of our post-guarantee machines.

Великолепный дизайн

Magnificent design

Our equipment possesses an excellent exterior! Ideal for use at factories “behind the glass”, at exhibitions, in showrooms, etc.

Высокая производительность и эргономика в эксплуатации

High performance and ergonomics in operation

Our equipment is chosen by the producers of craft chocolate who appreciate high performance, convenience of operation and low operating costs.

Каждая из деталей наших машин создана с целью наибольшей долговечности

Created for work 24 hours per day 365 days a year!

Each of the details of our machines is created aiming at the greatest durability, security, convenience of operation, efficiency and with an exceptionnal level of protection of the aroma and taste of the cocoa beans!

И не только шоколад

And not only chocolate!

In addition to chocolate (white, milk and dark), with our equipment you will be able to cook a praline of excellent quality, nut and seed pastes, ganache, urbech, crude and eco-products!

Тончайшие оттенки вкуса в ваших уникальных продуктах

The thinnest shades of taste in your unique products

Our equipment is designed in order to keep the thinnest shades of taste of aromatic sorts of cocoa beans. Create your own unique recipes with us!

Пневматическая подвеска

Pneumatic pendant – the best decision for granite millstones!

Unlike the spring pressing mechanism, the pneumatic control system of pressure of millstones creates big clamping force and expands the number of grinding modes. For example, the possibility to raise millstones for konching without grinding is realized.