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Chocolate Melanger

The Chocolate Melanger serves as a crucial stone grinder in transforming cocoa bean nibs into rich chocolate liquor, making it an indispensable tool for chocolatiers. Whether you're a Raw Chocolatier, Commercial Chocolatier, Home Chocolatier, Raw Chocolate Maker, or Nut Butter Manufacturer, this device is ideal for those keen on crafting chocolate from bean to bar or turning cocoa nibs into luscious cocoa liquor. Its versatile utility caters to a wide range of chocolate enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Melanger, a vintage chocolate grinding machine, utilizes two large rotating granite rollers to convert roasted cocoa nibs into a thick liquid. Heat is added to facilitate the liquefaction process, making it an essential tool for crafting delectable chocolate products. Ideal for chocolate enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The resulting thick cocoa bean liquid is called cocoa "liquor" and is over 50 percent fat. It is either used at this stage for cocoa butter pressing or is mixed and re-ground with sugar in the Melanger to make chocolate.

Sugar is well mixed into the liquid cocoa using Choco Melanger. Both the sugar and cocoa solid particles are ground down smaller and smaller while more and more fat is released from the cocoa. The sugar/cocoa mixture becomes smoother and remains a thick liquid known as chocolate "paste" ready for the refining and conching process.

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