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Electra 10 Tempering machine

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Electra 10 Tempering machine

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Tempering Machine
1/4 HP Power
Tempering Capacity - 5Kg to10Kg
Drum Size:- Diameter 10 inch and Height 12 inch
Revolving Wheel Temperature Controller

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Create Stunning Chocolates Every Time — Invest In Our Tempering Machines

Tempering machines play a pivotal role in the chocolate-making process, ensuring the smooth texture, glossy finish, and perfect snap in your chocolate creations. Whether you're a home-based enthusiast or a professional chocolatier, tempering machines are indispensable for achieving that professional-grade quality in your chocolates.

By carefully regulating the chocolate's temperature, these machines ensure that the cocoa butter crystallises correctly, producing chocolates with exceptional flavour, texture, and appearance.

Functionality and Benefits

Precise Control: Tempering machines carefully heat and cool the chocolate to specific temperatures, allowing it to form stable cocoa butter crystals. This process eliminates any unwanted crystalline structures that can cause the chocolate to appear dull or have a grainy texture. The key components of tempering machines include efficient heating elements, advanced cooling systems, and intuitive controls that eliminate guesswork from the tempering process.

Highly Productive: They help you streamline the entire process so you can unleash your creativity without getting bogged down by pesky temperature fluctuations or the hassle of ensuring even tempering. Whether you're whipping up decadent truffles, delicious bars, or fancy bonbons, these machines ensure you get those perfect, mouth-watering results every single time.

This means less time stressing in the kitchen and more time enjoying the sweet rewards of your hard work!

Features of the Electra 10 tempering machine

Electra 10TM table top tempering model:

  • Electra 10TM tempering cum melting machine is ideally suited for manufacturing Chocolate 5kg to 10kg per 8 hour shift
  • Electra 10TM made of 16cg ss304 stainless steel material with water jacketed to ensure even and proper heat
  • Electra 10TM is equipped with revolving wheel as well as electronic Temperature controller
  • Electra 10TM is constructed by using imported motor and gear box
  • Electra 10TM comes with separate panel board with on/off, temperature Controller and indicator

Why Choose Us?

Chocolate Melangeur is the go-to place for finding the perfect tempering machines in Australia. Our diverse selection of tempering machines is designed to meet the needs of both home-based chocolate lovers and professional chocolatiers, providing choices that fit different production sizes and budgets.

These machines are made using high-grade materials like stainless steel to ensure they can withstand the test of time. And our dedication to quality doesn't stop there! We also take pride in offering exceptional customer service and support that goes above and beyond. With multiple locations worldwide, we're always ready to lend a helping hand promptly and even provide expedited delivery options for your convenience.

Experience the difference that Chocolate Melangeur can make in your chocolate-making journey. Whether looking for a machine for your home baking projects or to scale up your commercial production, our tempering machines are your gateway to chocolate perfection.

Request a quote today or contact us for further inquiries. Let us empower your passion for chocolate with our unmatched expertise and dedication to excellence.

Specification of Electra 10 tempering machine

Model Electra 10TM
Capacity 10 Kg
Motor HP 0.25
Voltage 230 V/ 50Hz
Motor Motovorio
Drum Size 10"D x 12"H
Gear Box Mactec Gear
Maxi rpm 55


  • The Electra Tempering 10 KG is home delivered via Sea Cargo only. Dispatch time is 10 - 15 Days and Delivery time is 3-4 Weeks.

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  • The advertised is CIF price. Cost + insurance + Freight Charges.

  • Import Duty , local tax, clearance is paid / taken care by customers. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Electra
Model Electra 10TM
Voltage 220 Volt (50/60 HZ))
Frequency 50 Hz
Capacity 10KG
Power 1/4 HP
Warranty 1 Year International Warranty
Shipping World Wide Shipping (220 Countries)
Delivery Time FREE (2-3 weeks) / Express(3-5 Days)
function Tempering Chocolate, Melting Machine
Used By Commercial Chocolatier, Home Chocolatier, Raw Chocolate Maker, Nut butter manufacturers, Raw food makers, Vegan Restaurants, Organic Food Manufacturer, Nutritionist, Natural Cosmetic, Herbal products, Organic Labs
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