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Dear Customer,

 We are glad to welcome you into the folds of the Sowbaghya family.Let us congratulate you, on your wonderful choice of purchasing a Sowbaghya commercial Tilting Grinder, the very best in India. We hereby intend to familiarize you with the procedures required to operate and maintain the device.

 Four decades of wide ranging experience in this industry has seen Sowbaghya at the vanguard of the evolution of wet grinders in both the commercial and domestic scenario. Our latest product has been conceived with intention of reducing the work load in the kitchens of hotels and other commercial establishments.

 The Tilting Grinder, the pride of our stables, has been crafted with precision and quality, with non-corrosive components, and it has also been designed taking ergonomic aspects into consideration. Low on noise and vibration, it has especially been built to handle the high volumes of output generated in less time as required of a commercial establishment like that of yours. An additional feature in the form of the coconut scrapper is also present so as to make work easier.

 With easy operating and maintenance procedures as has been completely detailed in this manual, it is our desire that you make the best of what our Tilting Grinder has to offer you. Do feel welcome to write to us with your suggestions.


  •  A functional and utility oriented design.
  •  Entirely made of high quality stainless steel (optional).
  •  Detachable drum and dual cylindrical black stone rollers, to facilitate cleansing.
  •  Cylindrical rollers ensure powerful and perfect grinding.
  •  Tilting facility with a locking arm to hold the drum while grinding and cleansing.
  •  Easy operability.
  •  Provision of fiber lid to maintain hygiene while grinding.
  •  Powerful motors ensure a higher rate of speed while grinding.
  •  Tilting provision ensures easy disposal of batter.
  •  Low noise or vibration.
  • Available grinding capacities (in kilograms): 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 45.


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opertng prcedure


Maintenance and Upkeep

Utmost care should be taken to preserve the working of the grinder and hence regular maintenance is a must. Please follow the instructions to do so.

Replacing the damaged belt

  • Turn the safety lock away, pull the lever down And tilt the grinder completely.
  • Now, remove the screws that hold the long plate by the side of the drum.
  • Now you can remove the perforated steel cover behind the bottom drum.
  • Remove the damaged belt which is now visible, and replace it with a new one.
  • Place the perforated steel cover as before.
  • Lay the long plate by the side and screw in the bolts.


Changing the oil

  • Remove the drum by releasing the locking latch.
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the cover on top of the bottom drum.
  • Remove the screws that hold the gear box and take the gear box cover away.
  • Now you may replace the oil.
  • Tighten the screws as before on top of the gear box, and finally placing the cover back over the bottom drum, you may tighten them.
  • Replace the drum, on the shaft to keep it ready for Grinding.



Safety procedures

  • Use ideal power supply to run the grinder.
  • Do not use in low voltage. This may damage the motor of the grinder.
  • Install a Starter for three phases.
  • In the event of malfunction,do not attempt to correct them yourself.
  • Trained service professionals from Sowbaghya are the only ones authorized to do so.


 Sowbaghya provides optional attachments and some custom made services as well. These services come at an extra cost. These are as follows:



  • Coconut scraper shall be provided if required with the grinder.
  • This can be attached to a specific socket in the bottom drum.
  • The coconut scraper runs with the same motor as the grinder does.
  • You may operate them together.
  • Ensure that you take care not to let your feet or your body comes in contact with the scraper while it runs.


  • Lock arm before tilting the grinder.
  • All faults should be attended only by company qualified services engineers.
  • Do not use spray gun to wash.
  • Do not use the grinder if the voltage is low.
  • Check voltage before switching on the grinder.
  • Install starter for single phase and three phase.