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Electra Pro Melanger

We are the leading manufacturer and sellers of commercial chocolate melangers. We design, develop, manufacture and market patented machines to create “Bean to Bar” chocolate

Over the years, we have brought several innovative ideas and trends to commercial chocolate melangers

Also we do Customizations in our chocolate machicnes for our customer needs

Electra Pro Commercial Chocolate Melangers

Electra Pro Commercial Chocolate Melangers can grind up cocoa beans,Nut Butter and all kind of food materials. In addition, these Commercial melangers has all the options that make it stand out like powerful motor, gear drive, exhaust, black granite stone for long life and fine quality internal and external mechanism. Solid 100% stainless-steel body provides class, strength and durability.

Automatic Tilting

The Standard and Premium model has auto Tilting feature makes it unnecessary to have to lift the vessel or drum to pour out the contents, reduces man power and avoid straining yourself. It almost cleans itself.

Granite roller stones

Double granite roller stones with double scrapper that rotate over a granite base. This creates quick tremendous shear that reduces the cocoa nibs to fine chocolate liquor and nuts into paste with a particle size of the order of lesser than fifteen microns.

Speed contoller

Speed controller and control panel is provided as Standard with the unit, and comes with built in electrical MCB protection. This unit helps you to control the machine speed for various process and adjust the quantity of ingredients. This machine comes extra time with feature which time can set for grinding.

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  1. Electra Pro 10 Chocolate Melanger

    Available in 220 V / 110 V / 440 V | Supporting Stand Stainless steel SS 304 grade body
    Empty Drum Volume Exhaust System for heat extraction
    Heavy Duty Gear Box with Speed Controller | Adjustable Controller (to control from 0 RPM to 140 RPM)

    Complemented by a bonus set of spare Roller stones

    Heavy Duty motor support 80 Hrs
    Continuous Grinding | SS 304 Double scrapper arm for efficient grinding
    Powerful 0.5 HP, CE certified motor
    Empty Full Drum Volume -14 inches height - 14 inches deep
    0.5 HP motor with speed controller unit | Built in MCB

    Chocolate Melanger, Cocoa nib grinder, Cocoa butter grinder, Chocolate Conching Machine, Chocolate Refining machine, Chocolate Tempering Machine, Nut Butter Grinder

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