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  1. Electra Commercial Grinder

    100% Food grade materials
    SS 304 Stainless Steel
    Granite Stone
    Ideal for Commercial Use
    Lighter Grinding stone
    Efficient Grinding
    Compact Design
    Easy to use

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  2. Electra Pro 10 Chocolate Melanger

    Regular Price: $4,100.00

    Special Price $3,800.00

    Available in 220 V / 110 V / 440 V | Supporting Stand Stainless steel SS 304 grade body
    Empty Drum Volume Exhaust System for heat extraction
    Heavy Duty Gear Box with Speed Controller | Adjustable Controller (to control from 0 RPM to 140 RPM)

    Complemented by a bonus set of spare Roller stones

    Heavy Duty motor support 80 Hrs
    Continuous Grinding | SS 304 Double scrapper arm for efficient grinding
    Powerful 0.5 HP, CE certified motor
    Empty Full Drum Volume -14 inches height - 14 inches deep
    0.5 HP motor with speed controller unit | Built in MCB

    Chocolate Melanger, Cocoa nib grinder, Cocoa butter grinder, Chocolate Conching Machine, Chocolate Refining machine, Chocolate Tempering Machine, Nut Butter Grinder

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2 Item(s)