Nut Butter Grinder

Electra Cocoa Melangeur are heavy duty chocolate melangeur or Commercial Nut Butter grinder provides the craft chocolate maker with more precise control over the chocolate making process that results in larger batches and reduced processing times. Electra Chocolate Melangeur has the capability to refine cocoa particles down to less than 15 microns.

Utilizing high quality component plus novel technology, the Electra chocolate melangeur features huge solid granite grinding stones with a floating double axle design, a fixed stainless steel bowl, rotating wheels and adjustable speed controller of drum to yield smooth, soft and tasty chocolate.

Nut Butter Grinder is Melangeur used by the chocolatiers, raw food makers, Commercial Chocolatier, Home Chocolatier, Raw Chocolate Maker, Nut butter manufacturers, Raw food makers, Vegan Restaurants, Organic Food Manufacturer, Nutritionist .

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  1. Electra 11 Chocolate Melanger

    Regular Price: $700.00

    Special Price $450.00

    Electra 11 Chocolate Melanger
    11 Lbs Capacity
    Elegant and easy to use
    Motor does not get overheated even under long and heavy use
    Stainless steel drum detaches easily

    Duty and Tax Free Product

    All internal parts are food grade SS 304 Steel
    SS 304 Stainless steel Center Connector
    SS 304 Stainless steel Top Nut
    SS 304 Stainless steel Double scrapper

    Additional Spare belt inside the box - 2 Nos
    Easy for cleaning at the sink and doubles as a storage vessel
    Black hard Granite Stone is used
    Prevent chipping or thinning even with long use

    Chocolate Melanger
    Cocoa Nib Grinder
    Cocoa Butter Grinder
    Chocolate Conching Machine
    Chocolate Refining machine
    Chocolate Tempering Machine

    Black hard Granite Stone
    SS 304 Tension Adjustment
    80 hours long running capacity
    Heavy duty
    Over heat protection
    SS 304 Stainless steel drum

    Elegant and easy to use
    Easy Detachable Drum and Stones
    Drums serves as Storage vessel

    Same Day Dispatch
    Authorized Manufacturer
    2 Year International Warranty

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