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Premier Spare Parts

Premier Spare Parts

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Premier Melanger Spare Part

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Coconut Scraper - Premier Melanger


Coconut Scraper

This coconut scraper is compatible with all Premier Melanger.

Features of Coconut Scraper

Made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel;
Perfect for making shredded coconut flakes from fresh, raw coconut;
Compact space-saving design;
Fits into the drum cone so no additional plates or trays are required;
Shredded coconut collects in the bottom of the drum;
Caution: Edges of the scraper are extremely sharp, please use caution while using the attachment. 
Always store the coconut scraper with its cover to protect the cutting edges


Drum for Premier Melanger


Premier Melanger

1lbs drum-model fits perfectly with Premier tilting and Compact table top Melanger. 8 lbs drum - model fits perfectly with Premier Wonder Melanger

Features of Drum

Made of high-quality, non-reactive, food-grade stainless steel
The center cone is made of Food Grade Delrin. BPA-free. 
The drum comes with a hard granite stone base.Aesthetically designed body, portable in a convenient size
Easy to use and clean;
Note: This model will not fit grinders purchased before 2013.
Kindly note the center white tube of the drum measures 5 and 3/4 inches and the center white tube is the same height as the height of the steel drum.The center white tube is short in length in the old model drums


Chocolate Concher - Premier Melanger


Atta Kneader

This Premier Chocolate Concher is compatible with Premier Wonder, Titlting and Compact Melanger.

Features of Chocolate Concher

Impact-resistant Stainless Steel Shaft
Made of food grade High-quality plastic - BPA free that is quality tested
Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance
Easily stands up to heavy daily use.



Universal Top Lock Spring Assembly - Premier Melanger


Top Lock

This premier top lock nut and spring is for all Premier Melanger

Features of Top Lock with Spring

Spring loaded locking system that locks the roller shaft and exerts pressure on the melanger stones when locked.
Stainless Steel spring that is impact resistant.
High-quality top arm made of food grade plastic - BPA free that is quality tested
The top lock has to be pressed with force to compress the spring and load.
Easy release lock that is rotated to facilitate removal of the drum.


Spatula - Premeir Melanger



This premier spatula for wet grinder is perfect to use for all premier Melanger.

Features of Spatula

Durable strong quality tested spatula
Made of high grade Polycarbonate that is quality tested
Can handle rigors of daily use.
Precisely designed and easily fit on mixer and wet grinder. 
Lightweight, heat resistant and has a long life. 


Drum Lid - Premier Melanger


Premier Lid

This Drum Lid fits perfectly on the Premier Wonder, Tilting and Compact table Top Melanger.

 Features of Drum Lid

Lightweight, and easy to handle;
Made from high-quality, transparent, unbreakable food-grade polycarbonate;
Crack-resistant, and durable;
Simple design with snug closure



Roller Stone Set - Premier Melanger


Stone Set Melanger

This roller stone set fits perfectly inside of the Premier Melanger

Features of  Stone Set

Roller stone is made of hard, black, quality Granite that ensures no chipping or powdering during grinding;
Roller stones crush, mix, pound and grind simultaneously so that all ingredients are ground uniformly to a very smooth consistency;
Provides efficient grinding with little noise during operation;
Note: This model will not fit grinders purchased before 2013


Belt with No-Slip Gear System - Premier Melanger


Belt Melanger

This roller stone set fits perfectly inside of the Premier Melanger

Features of Belt

This spare part is only compatible with 11lb / 8 lb capacity Premier Chocolate Refiner (countertop model) purchased in or after November 2018.
The Gearbelt connects the motor to the gear, enabling the machine to run. The new No-Slip toothed design prevents slippage, stretching and rubber dust formation. This ensures the best possible refining time and a long working life of the machine.


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Additional Information

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