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How To Operate Your Bigg + Wet Grinder

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Make Your Bigg+ Work Longer


  • Make sure you keep your Ultra Wet grinder clean and dry, always
  • When not in use, disconnect the electric cord from the mains
    • For best results and trouble-free performance, use Ultra Wet grinder only as specified in this User Guide
    • Be alert and cautious while operating in the presence of children and physically challenged persons
    • Always keep your Ultra Wet grinder away from heat sources
    • Lift the appliance at its base
    • Clean the drum and roller assembly thoroughly after every use
    • Ensure that the grinder is in unlocked position while not in use
    • The wiper position should be as shown in the diagram printed.


  • Do not run the grinder empty for more than a minute
  • Do not use any other attachments. Use only those recommended by us
  • Do not put your hand into the drum while grinding
  • Do not unlock the arm while in operation
  • Do not insert sharp objects into the slits. This would damage the parts inside
  • Do not lubricate any parts with oil/grease
  • Do not keep the drum upside down after washingDo not attempt to repair the grinder yourself.

Exploded View of Bigg+ Grinder